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we have worked very hard to collect all the Telugu Christmas songs from all over the Andhra Pradesh & Telangana we have to give every category of songs like New Telugu Christmas Songs, Old Telugu Christmas, Top Telugu Christmas Songs, Kids Christmas Songs.

Note: To download the songs right click on the song and click on “Download link in some browsers ” Save Link As” and then click ok. In mobile click and hold on the song and click on Download link or Save Link As.

Top Telugu Christmas Songs

Old Telugu Christmas Songs

Telugu Christmas Songs

What is Christmas?

The name Christmas was originally derived from two English words “CHRIST” “MAS” where Christ is JESUS and Mass is Prayer (or service commonly used in Catholic, Lutheran, Anglican Churches). Christmas is the largest celebrated festival all-around the World, although the exact month and year are unknown it is celebrated in the month of December on the 25th day. People start celebrating Christmas from starting of the month with Christmas trees decorated with different kind of lightings and decoration items also put Stars on their homes, officially schools and college’s get holidays a week before the festival (in some areas only) and the 25th December is a Public Holiday. People celebrate it with passion and faith they buy new clothes and decorate their homes on the before night of the festival Church members visit every home in the city and give some and preach God’s word to them and the morning they all go to Churches and offer prayers to Jesus, Finally the Christmas is a Season of Happiness.

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