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Jesus the king of kings album songs Bro Anil Kumar second album

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Jesus the king of kings

Jesus the King of Kings Album Songs

Jesus the King of kings is bro Anil Kumars 2nd Album Released in the year 2016, this album contains 10 Wonderful Songs which praise our GOD Lord Jesus Christ, Many People are being Blessed by Listening to the Songs

These Songs are changing many people’s lives, please listen to them and share them be blessed.

1. Devudu Maa Paksha muna Vundaga Maku Virodhi Yevadu  – Download

2. Jayahe Jayahe Kreestu Yesu Prabhuku Jayahe Jayahe Raraju Prabhuku Jayahe – Download

3. Israyelunu Kapadu Devudu Kunukadu Nidra Podennadu  –  Download

4. Anthya Dhinamu landhu Mem Vundaga Nee Athma Kumma Rimppu  Neeyu Maa  –  Download

5. Edigo Vinuma o Lokama Twaralo Prabhu vu Ranundenu  –    Download

6. Jaya Patha kam Yegarali ee Desam Swantham Kavali Prathi Mokalu Vangali  –    Download

7. Naa Neethi Neeve Naa Kyathi Neeve Naa Daivama Yesaiah  –    Download

8. Jeeva Grandham lo Naa Namanni  tana rakthamutho likinchina Yesunilo Naku Anandham  –    Download

9. Aaradhin Chedham Yudha Gothrapu Simhanni Arbatinchedam Gorre pilla Namanni  –    Download

10 Jayamu Nidhe Jayamu Nidhe Oh Sevakuda Bayamu ledu Bayamu ledu Oh Sainikuda  –    Download

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Bro Anil Kumar’s Website :  Bro Anil Kumar

Ministry Website:  Awe Ministries

Facebook Page:  http://www.facebook.com/BrotherAnilKumar

Twitter Page:  http://www.twitter.com/blessedanil

Instagram Page: http://www.instagram.com/broanilkumar/

Pinterest Page: http://www.pinterest.com/BroAnilkumar

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Bro. Anil Kumaria a warrior of Christ Jesus. He Proclaims Gods Word with the anointing of the Holy Spirit, and his Preachings are powerful and authoritative, revealing the King of Kings & Lord of Lords Our Jesus Christs Kingdom’s Principles. he is having a great skill of music composing every song of him is making the people have goosebumps, the way he writes the lyrics and composes the Song it’s all the gif of our almighty god

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