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Jesus My Way

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Jesus My Way Album Songs

Jesus My Way Album Songs Listen Now & Download – Bro Anil Kumar

  • Album: Jesus My Way
  • Artist: Bro Anil Kumar
  • Released: 2016
  • Genre: Gospel / Christian
  • No Of Songs: 8 Songs

Jesus my way is bro anil Kumars 4th Album Released in the year 2016 in Hyderabad, also this album has overall 8 songs which show a way to live bro anil Kumar has deep knowledge in life he has written all the lyrics very naturally that touches every heart we hope that these songs will make you all feel Jesus is a Way. Here, you’ll know the reality, and therefore the truth will set you free. – John 8:32

1. Varasulam Mem Varasulam Devuni Varasulam Daivamulam Mem Daivamulam Devuni Kumarulam  – Download

2. Sarva Sarirula Devudava Nikasadyame Ledhaya Chachina Nee Bahuvutho Bhoomi Akashamulu Chesithive  –   Download

3. Mruthyuve Mundharu Vunna Shatruvu Choote sthunna Sainyame Yedu rosthunna Bayamemi Ledanna  –   Download

4. Chalo Chalo Aage Chalo Yesuke Sath Chalo Venakunavi Marichi Age Chalo  –   Download

5. Kondalatho Cheppumu  Kadilipo valani Banda latho Matladumu Karigi Povalani  –   Download

6. Papamaney Chikatilo Loka Asha Daahamulo Raguluthundi Maranapu Agni Tarumu thundi Manava Jaathini  –   Download

7. Ashcharya Karamaina Krupa Needhi Yesaiah Adbutha Mainatti Prema Choopinaa Vayya  –   Download

8. Gada Gada  Dwani Puduthundhi Jala  Jala Pravahi sthundhi Gada Gada Agnosthundhi  –   Download

Gospel is the power of God unto salvation to each one that believeth. once you understand the Gospel or the grace of God, it’ll release the ability of God into your life.

Bro Anil Kumar AWE Ministries Founder

Bro. M. Anil Kumar is the founder and Chairman of AWE Ministries, as an evangelist zealous committed to Proclaiming the fantastic gospel of Saviour, teaching the Continuing Word of God. Bro. Anil Kumar’s powerful Preaching’s still transforming many lives, bringing them to salvation, setting people free from the bondage of religion, guilt condemnation by pointing them to Jesus Christ and His finished work on the cross.

Bro. Anil Kumar is helping People discover how they will hold in life through the Prosperity of grace and of the gift of righteousness. His wish is to assist this formation of believers to note the new covenant of grace and realize how greatly blessed, highly favored, and deeply loved they’re, by their Heavenly Father.

With quite 12 years of full-time ministry, Bro. Anil Kumar is today a variety one voice in proclaiming the gospel of grace around the world. he’s preaching the gospel, through television, through miracle crusades, through pastors meetings, through youth ministry and various conferences. Today Bro. Anil Kumar is continuous to need the message of God’s saving and healing power to the earth.

Website: Bro Anil Kumar

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