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Jesus My Victory

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Jesus My Victory Album Songs

Jesus My Victory Album Songs Listen to Online & Free Download

Jesus My Victory is Bro Anil Kumar’s 5th Album Released in 2018 this album Contains 8 Beautiful songs Each Song has its own meaning & Tune, every song moves our heart towards Lord Jesus Christ and the Music Composing we cannot just stand by listening to these songs Everyone’s fells like Dancing to the Songs. Such a Blessing it is.

I will sing unto Jehovah as long as I live; I will sing psalms to my God while I have my being.

Like David said in Psalms 104:33 – we all should be rejoiced in Lord we all should Sing, Dance & Praise the Lord, God’s love is just too marvelous and amazing to easily state, think about all the love songs people sing, If we sing love songs about our love for individuals, what proportion more should we sing songs to the One who so loved us he gave his Son for us?

1. Holy Holy Holy Vadhi Yimpa Badina Goree Pilla Simhasana Asinuda –  Download

2. Kondharemo Gurralantu Kondharemo Radhalantu Aburamga Athisaya Padatharu –  Download

3. Overcomer – Jayaminka Manade Raa Jaya Dwanine Chesei Raa Preminche Yesunilo Athyadikapu Jayameraa –  Download

4. Yesuni Yandhali Anandhame Maaku Balamu, Yesuni Andali Viswasame Maku Jayamu –  Download

5. Krupa Krupa Naa Yesu Krupa, Krupa Krupa Krupa –   Download

6. Yehovaa Maa Balama Nive Kada Naa Dheema, Gorrepilla Rakthani Kanchega Kaligunna –  Download

7. Take Over – Parakramamu Gala Baladhyuda, Nee Kantiki Kanipinche Nee Chevulaku Vinipinche Are Denini Gurchi Bayapadaku –  Download

8. Edhiye Samayam Ika Lera Nestham Prabhukai Ragile Jwalai –  Download

Singing is Gift of God !

Singing could be an approach for All countries to glorify God to “sing the glory of Christ Jesus.” Lord created and saved the Humans and gave gifts, talents, Brilliant Minds, and bodies that we’d glorify Jesus.
And singing is such a straight forward thanks to glorifying Jesus! It’s not like after we glorify him by suffering for him. however laborious is it to sing.

Bro. Anil Kumar is a Great Evangelist and his conviction and faith towards Lord Saviour Jesus are now honored as an international Evangelist. you’ll download all the Bro. Anil Kumar Album Songs in Telugu but loved by everyone in all corners of India. He has many popular and Superhit songs Some of them like “ Maargam Satyam Jeevam”, “Parakramamu Gala”, Yuddamu Yehovadhe, Shudda Hrudayam, Prabhu Naa Mana Ashrayame, and lots of more.

Website: Bro Anil Kumar

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