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Jesus My Life Album Songs Listen Online & Download

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Jesus My Life Album Songs

Jesus My Life Album Songs List

Jesus My Life is Bro Anil Kumar’s 3rd Album Released in the Year in the Year 2018 this album is containing 7 Songs which motivate us and Encourage Us,

I will sing to the Lord all my life, I will sing praise to my God as long as I live. Psalms 104:33

The Album teaches us how to Live with Courage and how to be successful in life  – Listen to All Songs and walk along the way in Succuss, leave all your fears be a Leader to all, Please Share the Album with Others and be an Inspiration

1. Veerude Lechenu Maranapu Mullunu Virachi Sadyama Mantiki Prabhuvune Vunchanu Anichi  –   Download

2. Lokamunu Jainchina Vijayamu Viswasame Ee Lokamunu Jayinchina Vijayamu Viswasame  –   Download

3. Nibbaram Kaligi Dairyamu Gundu Digulu Padaku Jadiyaku Eppudu  –   Download

4. Loka Papamu Mosu Kellina Devuni Gorre Pilla, Nee Rakthame Paapa Pariharam  –   Download

5. Yesaiah Loney Vunnadhi Manaku Rakshana Nee Rikshana  –  Download

6. Cheddama Poratam Athmiya Poratam Apavadhi Shaktulatho Anudinamu Poratam  –   Download

7. Vishwasa Veerulam Kreesthu Sishulam Devunike Mem Varasulam  –   Download

Bro Anil Kumar

Bro. Anil Kumar has quickly become a Wonderful voice for a fresh generation of ministers and worshippers alike. Born in A Brahmin family with Hindu Traditions, consequently, Jesus Christ raised him to the forefront of a crusade to unfold the good news. as a result He began his career as a worshipper. He accustomed worship Jesus day and night fierily, singing and terpsichore in His presence. God exalted him extremely, for His glory and currently Bro. Anil is proclaiming the love of Jesus to the nations, showing his feeling and wish to Jesus.

Album Details :

Album: Jesus My Life, Artist: Bro. Anil Kumar, Release Date: 2011, Genre: Worship, Location: Begumpet, Hyderabad

Website: Bro Anil Kumar


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