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Jesus my hero album songs

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Jesus my hero Album

Jesus My Hero Album Songs Listen Online & Download Even more

Probably Jesus my hero is bro Anil Kumar’s 1st Album with 7 awesome songs, Composed & Sung by Bro Anil Kumar, and Launched by Late Dr.YS Rajashekar Reddy Garu Ex.Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. Listen to them and share them so God bless you all.

1. Maargam Satyam Jeevam Kreesthesani Chaateddam – Download

2. Yuddha Veeruda Kadulu Munduku Paalu Tenela Nagaruku – Download

3. Yesu Devuni Aaradhikulam Venuka Choodani Sainikulam – Download

4. Shudda Hrudayam Kalugajeyumu Nalonaa Ahh Nalonaa – Download

5. Rosham Kaligina Kraisthavuda Haddule Niku Levu – Jeevam Kaligina Sevakuda Yedure Niku Ledu – Downlaod

6. Yuddamu Yehovade – Rajulu Manakevvaru Leru Shurulu Manakevvaru Leru – Download

7. Prabhu Naamam Naa Ashrayame Aayananu Sthutinchedanu – Download

therefore click here to download full album all songs in zip format – DOWNLOAD

Click here for Lyrics of Jesus My Hero

You can freely download or copy the Lyrics of all Songs in Jesus My Hero Album in PDF, TXT and also Jpeg formats, all songs lyrics in Telugu and English – so you can directly view on our website or share to your whatsapp or save to your phone for future view and even more

Click here for Video Songs

also Watch Video Songs of the Album, live performance of bro anil kumar on stage almost all songs & messages click here to watch high Quality Videos – CLICK HERE

Listen to another albums of Bro Anil Kumar on Christian Storage  this album and also other albums like-  2. Jesus the King of Kings 3. Jesus my Life  4. Jesus my Way  5.Jesus my Victory 6. Jesus the Everlasting Love

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