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List of Hosanna Songs albums Vol 1 – 27 | Yesanna Songs | Hosanna Ministries  :

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1st Album – Krupamayuda – కృపామయుడ

2nd Album – Mohonathudu – మహోన్నతుడు

3rd Album – Sarvonathudu – సర్వోన్నతుడు

4th Album – Ascharyakarudu – ఆశ్చర్యకరుడు

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5th Album – Mahimaswaroopudu – మహిమాస్వరూపుడు

6th Album – Naa Yesu  Raju – నా యేసు రాజు

7th Album – Naa Sthuti Patrudu – నా స్తుతిపాత్రుడు

8th Album – Naa Nireekshana – నా నిరీక్షణ

9th Album – Naa Nireekshana – జ్యోతిర్మయుడు

10th Album – Sreemanthudu – శ్రీమంతుడు

11th Album – Mahaaniyudu – మహనీయుడు

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12th Album – Sarvanga Sundarudu – సర్వాంగసుందరుడు

13th Album – Parakramashali – పరాక్రమశాలి

14th Album – Ananthasthotrarhudu – అనంతాస్తోరర్హుడు

15th Album – Sthuti Aaradhana – స్తుతి ఆరాధన

16th Album – Prabhu Geetharadhana – ప్రభు గీతారాధన

17th Album – Athmanubhandham – అత్మనుబంధం

18th Album – Dayakireetam – దయకిరీటం

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19th Album – Krupamrutham – కృపామృతం

20th Album – Saswatha Krupa – శాశ్వతకృప

21st Album – Aaradhana Pallaki – ఆరాధన పల్లకి

22nd Album – Sthotranjali – స్తోత్రంజలి

23rd Album – Yesaiah Divya Tejam – యేసయ్య దివ్య తేజం

24th Album – Saathvikuda – సాత్వికుడ

25th Album – Mahimaanvithuda – మహిమాన్వితుడా – 2016

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26th Album – Tejomayuda – తేజోమయుడా – 2016

27th Album – Vijayaseeluda – విజయశీలుడా – 2017

28th Album – Vatsalyapurnuda – వాత్సల్యపూర్ణుడ – 2018


List of Hosanna Songs list alphabetical order :

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  1. Agni Mandinchu – అగ్నిమండించు
  2. Adagaka munupe naa akkaralanniyu – అడగకమునుపే నా అక్కరలన్నియు
  3. athyunnatha simhasanamupai
  4. adigadigo paralokamu nundi
  5. anaadilo niyaminchabadina
  6. anuragalu kuripinche
  7. abrahamu devudavu
  8. alpha omega aina
  9. avadhule lenidi
  10. Aakankshatho
  11. aatma parishuddatmuda
  12. Aadharana Karthavu
  13. anandinthu neelo deva
  14. anandame prabhu yesuni
  15. anandame paramanandame
  16. Anandham Yesutho Anandham
  17. ananda yatra
  18. aarani prema idi
  19. aradhana stuthi aradhana
  20. arbhatamutho

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AAuthor:Adirala Raviteja

Hosanna Ministries Bro Yesanna

Brother. Yesanna – the Founder and President of ‘Hosanna Ministries’(Hosanna Songs) is a God picked vessel. He is honored with a couple of Spiritual favors. He has been in the service for a long time as a notable Preacher, Pastor, Singer, and lyricist. He has planted more than 700 Churches of worship in Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Goa and furthermore one in South Africa. He is being utilized relentlessly by God both broadly and globally. Be that as it may, his start was exceptionally unassuming which started amidst hardships and difficulties.He was conceived in 1947 in Nellore locale, Andhra Pradesh to Tippalapudi Narasimhulu and Kamalamma. His dad was a given Hindu while his mom Kamalamma was a Roman Catholic. Each time she conveyed an infant and in three days time, the tyke would bite the dust. So also, she had lost three of her five children.After some time she was admitted to St. Joseph General Hospital Santhapet, Nellore District to convey her sixth tyke. An infant kid was destined to her on March 19, 1947. As the youngster was attempting to make due, on the third day she went to Bishop William Boucher and spilled out her anguish and melancholy before him The cleric appealed to God for the kid and kept his name ‘Yesanna’ and forecasted that the kid would turn into an incredible godly man.

In 1966 when he was 19 years of age, God called him into the full-time service. Being devoted to the require God’s administration, Yesanna left his home, family and served in ‘The Pentecost’ church for quite a while. Later in 1977, he began a little church in a hovel in Lemalle a remote town, Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh.

He had experienced numerous trials, tribulations and confronted serious neediness in the beginning periods of his service. Yet, God never left only him in that condition The service started to develop and a few new houses of worship were planted in different spots.

Like Job stated, “when He has tried me, I will approach as gold”. Presently Bro. Yesanna is being utilized forcefully by God both in India and abroad. He had gone by and lectured in South Korea, Holy land (Jerusalem), Italy, Egypt, Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa, America, Canada, Japan, Sweden, Dubai, Kuwait and numerous other countries.All eminence and respect be to Lord Jesus Christ and please petition God for Bro. Yesanna and his broad service. Visit Hosanna Ministries.

Bro Yesanna is the founder of the Hosanna Ministries I am not giving much information here if you want to know more click here  but what I want to tell here is  he is the man of god started more than 700 churches all over the Andhra Pradesh and all over the India he wrote more than 200 songs and he is very famous across AP.

Hosanna songs are very interesting and meaningful he wrote every line of his songs from his experience and the music is wonderful God gave him a good talent to compose tunes for gods songs and to proclaim gods word.

Hope you all enjoyed all the songs from here this post was updated on 07/07/2017 if you think we miss something please let us know if you have any suggestions or complaints regarding this post please don’t hesitate to inform us write your suggestions and complaints to christianstorage@yahoo.com

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