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Santhi Sandesam Mp3 Songs

Listen to all Santhi Sandesam mp3 songs and be blessed, Music Director Vandemataram Srinivas has given a very nice songs and even the lyrics was really meaningfull.

Santhi Sandesam Movie – Downlaod

the plot of the movie was taken from the holy bible the movie is all about how Jesus Christ has born and how he has died on the cross, Super star Krishna was lived in the story his acting was really heart touching and all the songs in the movie are title winners.

Story : A boy has born in a small village called Jerusalem and he is the son of God a lady name Mary has given birth to him  at that time an Angle came from Heaven and tell the world that the son of God has born on the earth, to save the world first the angle visits the Shepherds and tell them the Good News, and some Scientists they will know that a king has born he is son of god they will see a star that show the way to the child they will follow the star and finds this small baby in the Cattle and offers him the gifts and they will praise him and after few years the baby will grow up and his is named as Jesus he roams all over the Jerusalem and preaches the god’s words and does many miracles.

The kings in the country are worried that their position will be lost and they make plans to kill Jesus how ever finally they fulfill their dream of killing Jesus.they will blame some false errors on Jesus and punishes him by putting him in jail and finally they crucify Jesus on the cross Jesus died on the cross and rose again in 3 days and resurrected to heaven.

Santhi Sandesam Video Songs

Santhi Sandesam Songs Lyrics


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