Telugu Christian Songs free download

Telugu Christian Songs free download :

Below are the list of the Telugu Christian pastors and their music albums and famous songs you can listen to them online and download them we submitted almost all Telugu songs but if we miss any please don’t hesitate to inform us you can send your songs and comments to our mailbox

Telugu Christian Songs :


I will praise God’s name in song and glorify him with thanksgiving.  ( Psalm 69:30) .

So we all should praise God with songs and music David has praised God with his songs and dance and god has glad for his praises so now this is our responsibility to praise God and worship him.

There are many ways to worship and praise God but the songs have the power to shake the earth and fill joy in your life for that we are giving you all the details of the songs writers music albums, best songs, lyrics, videos etc. make use of it and share God’s word.

Thanks for your interest! we are so happy to have you, God bless you all.

We know that there are many Telugu Christian writers, singers, music directors but we are not able to reach them all we are working hard to make it work,

if you didn’t find the songs you want you can just comment below or can write to us at, we will soon upload them and please don’t forget to subscribe when you subscribe you will get all new updates from Christian storage.

About Us :

Christian Storage is a revolutionary thought of a youngster “ADIRALA” he is son of  Rev.A.Sundara Rao and he has the zeal to proclaim god word to the world and create a platform for Christians, so that they can access whatever they want from a single place they can watch movies, listen to songs, read bible, books, short films, live Tv, preachings from Great pastors all over the world, can find churches near to them, Charity etc…

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